America’s Story, Part 2 NEW MASTER BOOKS Edition! Complete Set

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From the birth of the American dream through to the modern era, this series was developed using Charlotte Mason education philosophy to learn through interaction and story elements that connect students emotionally through learning about America and its influence throughout the world. Through this unique educational style, children develop comprehension through oral and written narration, and create memories through notebooking and hands-on crafts. This is not just facts and figures; this is living history.

  • Student journals help students connect more deeply to the lessons
  • Journals include pages for writing and drawing, special project pages, written narration pages, and timeline characters to help children narrate their way through history’s story
  • The series is both easy-to-follow and easy-to-use!

For a full sample of the Student Book, click here. For the Teacher’s Guide/Student Journal full sample, click here.

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