The Story of the Ancients

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A Living History of Our World, The Story of the Ancients is a Charlotte Mason style history curriculum written to be used with the whole family. Many history books, which focus on the many false gods of the ancients and only occasionally mention Bible stories, leave the student feeling confused and disoriented to how the Bible fits into history. The Story of the Ancients uses the Bible as the “spine” of what we call ancient history. The whole family will enjoy studying how God’s hand has been on HIStory since the beginning. Your children will develop comprehension through oral and written narration, and create memories through notebooking and hands-on crafts. Each easy-to-implement lesson is organized to be completed in three days a week. An included lesson plan chart makes this volume easy to use with all age groups. The Story of the Ancients carries the student from the Creation story through the early church. Learn about the civilizations that form a back drop to the Bible stories we all love so much. To complete your studies, look for the matching student journals!

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