Math Lessons for a Living Education – Book 6 NEW Arrival!

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  • Please note: Math book 6 has a teacher’s guide that you can download for free using a code that is included with your purchase of Math 6. Please go here to get your Teacher’s Guide download or here to buy a print version.
  • Welcome to the sixth book in the Math Lessons for a Living Education series! This math series is based on these unwavering realities: God does not separate our life lessons into subjects; everything touches something else. His creation is woven together as a multifaceted, multi-dimensional display of His ingenious creativity.This book will help students review and master important skills as they prepare to move into more advanced coursework. Designed to present math concepts in the context of real life, the student learns to apply the rules and techniques to solving everyday problems. Through this book students will:
    • Identify decimal basics, use decimals, and learn how to work with percentages in the real world
    • Study basics of geometry from pairs to polygons
    • Develop maps, graphs and charts, units of measure, and more.

    Investigate math and develop critical thinking skills through the continuing story of Charlie, Charlotte, Natty, and Hairo. They help bring the elements of character and relationship to the study of math. Children learn best when they can learn through relationships.

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