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odells2Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Angela O’Dell. I am a Jesus follower, wife of my very best friend for almost twenty-five years, mom to four wonderful children, fellow homeschooler, and owner of Jelly Bean Jar Publications. My husband and I made the decision to homeschool our children in 1998, the year our third child was born. Since then, we have homeschooled for a total of eighteen years, graduating our three eldest children, and we are currently homeschooling our youngest daughter, who is almost 14 years old.

Through the years, I have served as a leader in our local homeschool group, worked as a homeschool consultant, and taught co-op classes. In 2011, I wrote a two hour long stage play adapted from Disney’s “The Happiest Millionaire” and directed fifty homeschooled children in the production.

In 2009, I began writing my history series, which was picked up almost immediately by a publisher, who specializes in Charlotte Mason materials for homeschoolers. Over the next five years, I completed six volumes in the history series, and five in the Math Lessons for a Living Education series. In March of 2015, I regained the publishing rights to all of my books, and a few weeks later, embarked on the adventure of self publishing.


In July of 2015, I signed a new publishing contract with the well known and much loved publishing company, Master Books, giving them the rights to publish my Math Lessons for a Living Eduation math series and my A Living History of Our World history series! I am so excited to be working with this amazing team of people. My world view, writing style, and overall purpose meshes with theirs completely. Their work on my books has quite literally brought me to tears of thanksgiving on more than one occasion. Along with working with the Master Books team throughout the process of reworking and repackaging all of the math and history volumes, I have also been traveling and speaking at conventions across the country. I have LOVED getting to meet with many families whom God has blesssed through my work. It is humbling and awe-inspiring.

My passions are centered around encouraging other moms to live strong lives anchored in the truth of God’s Word, which declares each of them to be precious and unique, capable and worthy of their calling through the power of Jesus Christ. 

I believe that God has placed me in the position to be a messenger of His truth to this generation of parents – a commission I do not take lightly. Especially important to me, are the opportunities that I have been given to encourage the newest generation of homeschool moms as they start their journey. Their passion to live authentic lives and their ability to think outside of the box endears them to me with an almost magnetic bond!

About my books…

I have developed and written all of my books based upon the Biblical mandate to shepherd our children’s hearts and the Heart-Deep model of education, outlined in my friend and mentor, Gary Newton’s, book, Heart-Deep Teaching and Learning. It is my sincere hope and prayer to equip my children, and the children who use my books, to be ready to step into the call God has upon their lives, and to be equipped to lead their generation. It is my truest and most fervent prayer that every word I write or speak leads the hearer closer to the heart of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Blessings, Angela

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